Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 09: Bazhe

1) What is the biggest challenge facing writers today?
The readership that is shrinking as the global warming is expending.
The greedy publishers that want only commercial books to sell like soap.
The need of books that readers can read without using their brains.
Simply, the need of books that won't make the readers smarter, yet dumber.

2) Where do you find your inspiration to write?
Everywhere I go I can get inspired easily. I travel a lot and that helps.
I just absorb any details of any place, or of a situation I am in.

3) What current projects are you working on?
I am finishing one fiction book, and one art book.

4) Who are some of your favorite authors?
Many. Currently I read and study: G. Orwell and A. Huxley.

5) What's your favorite genre/medium to write in?
I like to experiment with different genre as I create new work.
I think writing the same way all the time is dull.

6) What is your ideal writing sanctuary?
In a train that goes somewhere, or in my basement.

7) English isn't your first language. How is growing up in Yugoslavia affected your view on the world? How has it affected your writing?
Knowing more than one language can only complement my writing abilities.
I am glad that I am able to use my knowledge of different human systems.
This only enriches my writing, and makes it more powerful.

8) What s your next project?
The book that I am finishing is a Americana-fiction-book.
It deals with the all timely problems that we are facing now.

It deals with: the financial and the healthcare crisis;
the banksters bankrupting America; and
the collapsing of the auto industry.

I write about the heads of these institutions begging for money
and at the same time screwing the American people royally.

It is a satire about the manipulations done by the elite groups
and the people begging God for help.

9) As of right now, what are you most proud of with your writing?
The all great feedback that I received from the readers.
This motivate me to write more and better.


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