Monday, February 9, 2009

"You Can Call Me Eve" Play Reading

Two weeks from today is the reading of my first full length play "You Can Call Me Eve." The story of a latina woman who changes her identity to help deal the pain of her past.

When: Monday, February 23, 2009

Where: Write Act Repertory
6128 Yucca St
Hollywood, Ca


The play reading was such a success. I truly want to thank Wil Bowers
Everyone who was there gave amazing feedback. They all seemed genuinely touched by the words. The actors themselves brought so much to the reading as well. People were laughing and was moving. And sitting there listening to everyone and seeing the looks on their faces made it all worth it.

A few days later Wil told me the Sr. member of the Write Act Repertory said the feedback from the audience, and the actors, and the director was good so they'd like to produce it! So, now I need to take the feedback from the reading and sit down and make the necessary albeit important changes to the play. This is, of course, a great thing. I've waited four (4) years even for this step.

So thank you to my actors:

Eve: Liliana Montenegro
Rosa: Lucia Solares
Danny: Vance Roi Reyes
Carlos: Cameron Bender
Maria: Melanie Cruz
Erik: Tim Bell
Narrator/Danny (14): Casey Dickerson

Thank you

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