Monday, January 12, 2009

I Am Important

I am important!
I get on my cell phone as I exit the gym
because life cannot wait until yoga is over.

I am important
as I sit contemplating the universe
sucking on a double espresso chai half-caf latte no whip extra foam.

I am important -
my Prada suit,
Armani pure leather jacket,
Donna Karin alligator belt,
and Louis Vuitton handbag tell I am.

I am important!
When I jump in my in my C-class Silver Mercedes Benz
and valet park at the Ivy where I meet my friends for lunch
and dine on eggplant and tofu parmiggean
smothered in a red-wine vinaigrette
followed by a soy-based low-fat vanilla bean ice cream.

I am important.
I arrive fifteen minutes late to Pilates
because there is nothing more dramatic than a grand entrance
and since leaving yoga class early
interrupted my state of enlightment
and I must reach it or my heartbeat will continue to rise
and I will break out into a sweat
causing my grape seed facial peel to counteract
and cause a rash.
I am important.

I am important!
Between Feng Shui and Rhinoplasty -
I am important.
Between Abercrombie & Fitch,
Fred Segal, or Dolce & Gobana -
I am important.
Between movie premieres
or that raging party that was thrown by
my best friend's cousin's sister-in-law's dog walker -
I am important.
Between Lexus' or BMW's;
between Sunset Boulevard or Hollywood;
between auditions or the casting couch - -
I am important.
I am important.
I. Am. Important.

© Michael Coulombe

Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 2009: Veronica Craven

1) What is the most challenging thing facing writers today?

The most challenging thing writers face right now the the fact that every time you think you have something original that no one has ever thought of or done before or said quite how you've said it, you find out it has. And better.

2) Where do you find your inspiration to write?
I find my inspiration in my life experiences or fantasies I could never act out other than on paper. There will always be some of my reality in everything I do. I think that's true for most writers.

3) What current projects are you working on?
Right now I am in pre production on a film I wrote called "Zombie King". Michael Norman Mann helped me on the screenplay. It's a post rapture party story of a lonely little zombie trying to hold on to her humanity while going on a 'Wizard of Oz' type journey to find the Zombie King who can 'cure' her.

4) Who are some of your favorite writers?
I love Stephen King. Love, Love, Love him. If I were a man, I would be Stephen King.

5) What's your favorite genre/medium to write in?
I tend to gravatate towards Erotic Horror. My writings have always been dark and pretty graphic. I've had to edit them significantly to fit an outline or treatment.
Now if you are talking about what do I like to use to write with. I have my note pads, shiny pens and pencils. I have tons of notes on scenes or characters, or general outlines. Only when I have somewhat of a complete item, will I use electronics.

6) What is your ideal writing sanctuary?
In my bedroom, or on BART. Love BART for writing. Much fodder for the mind.

7) How has working in cable influenced your writing?
Writing for television is much different than writing for the silver screen or a publication, or even a webzine for that matter. It requires a different skill set, or, rather, the force of you developing one fast! You have to be able to divorce yourself from your 'baby' it is not yours and they will tell you when they want it changed. They always want it changed.

8) As of right now, what are you most proud of with your writing?
Two peices pop into my mind: an horror erotic short titled "Sam Knew Better", it was published in a San Francisco underground magazine last year; and the "Zombie King" script. Those two I am very proud of.