Monday, January 12, 2009

I Am Important

I am important!
I get on my cell phone as I exit the gym
because life cannot wait until yoga is over.

I am important
as I sit contemplating the universe
sucking on a double espresso chai half-caf latte no whip extra foam.

I am important -
my Prada suit,
Armani pure leather jacket,
Donna Karin alligator belt,
and Louis Vuitton handbag tell I am.

I am important!
When I jump in my in my C-class Silver Mercedes Benz
and valet park at the Ivy where I meet my friends for lunch
and dine on eggplant and tofu parmiggean
smothered in a red-wine vinaigrette
followed by a soy-based low-fat vanilla bean ice cream.

I am important.
I arrive fifteen minutes late to Pilates
because there is nothing more dramatic than a grand entrance
and since leaving yoga class early
interrupted my state of enlightment
and I must reach it or my heartbeat will continue to rise
and I will break out into a sweat
causing my grape seed facial peel to counteract
and cause a rash.
I am important.

I am important!
Between Feng Shui and Rhinoplasty -
I am important.
Between Abercrombie & Fitch,
Fred Segal, or Dolce & Gobana -
I am important.
Between movie premieres
or that raging party that was thrown by
my best friend's cousin's sister-in-law's dog walker -
I am important.
Between Lexus' or BMW's;
between Sunset Boulevard or Hollywood;
between auditions or the casting couch - -
I am important.
I am important.
I. Am. Important.

© Michael Coulombe


Sara said...

I loved this, Michael...absolutely loved it. :) ~*Sara Swieca

Hollywood Nobody said...

Someone thinks pretty highly of themselves...