Thursday, December 25, 2008

These UnUnites States

My oldest nephew sometimes likes to sit with a journal and compose his thoughts...he read this to me on Christmas Day. I thought it amazing coming from a 14 year old.

These UnUnited States

This word is an overpopulated mental hospital
Everyone walking around like zombies with chains
Everyone is thinking with invisible brains
We have all these
Damn poets who need to play with words to keep themselves sane
Another activity.
Another Activity!
Is what they need
So caught up in their so called work
If they stop they hypothesis that they'll bleed
Another elixar
To stop the contimplation
So stand united in this so called nation
It used to be
Now its just an age old apparation
A ghost
An excuse to boast
From coast to coast
Even the most
Intelligent raise it to a toast!
What will it take
To make this nation true
Its enevidible
Everyone is fake!
Everyone is saying how their so special
What the fuck am I supposed to do
Bake them a cake?
Now we have the government liein'
They're not even tryin'
They say they care but take a look at all the soilders
They are all dyin'
This shithole nation is so caught up in war
The population dont even know what they're fightin for

TJ Baumchen
Dec. 25, 2008

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