Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Purpose of Apples

So I held auditions for my short film "The Purpose of Apples." It's the story of Ethel and Caden who meet at a bus stop in LA at 8 in the morning.

There were so many amazing actors. Each one of them brought something different to each character. It was nice to see the various interpretations!

So after sitting down with a bunch of head shots and looking through resumes and watching 30 auditions, I have finally reached my oscar winning cast.

Ethel: E Fe

Caden: Andrew McGuinness

Young Ethel: Djakarta

Herb: Mike Wade

Alyse: Jamie Willey

Flower Guy: Daniel Frank

1 comment:

Josh said...

Good Lord! How great would it be if an average digital camera could make people look THAT perfect! Sounds like it's gonna be a great film. Good luck with it all!