Saturday, November 1, 2008

November '08: Jason Stuart

1. What is the most challenging thing facing writers today? Especially a comedian?
New material that’s original and where you can’t see the joke coming. I work at that all the time.

2. Where do you find your inspiration to write?
My Family who is insane! My every day life and Sarah Palin! You know I can see her house from my terrace, so I guess I'm ready to be governor of ALASKA. If I can see the moon does that make me an astronaut!

3. What current projects are you working on?
My DVD of my stand up special JASON STUART: MAKING IT TO THE MIDDLE comes out November 18th and you can get it
shameless plug

4. Who are your biggest influences?
Scott Thompson, Sandra Bernhardt, Joan Rivers, Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Lily Tomlin, Don Rickles and so many gay folks who came before me and who opened the path like Kate Clinton and Harvey Fierstein,

5. In your opinion, what makes your comedy different from others?
I'm not really masc. or fem.. I'm not the best at anything...I'm like Cher!

6. What is your ideal writing sanctuary?
When the joke works and it comes easy the audience loves it!

7. Do you feel that being an actor influences your writing?
I am great at improv. I have used that skill when I was on MY WIFE & KIDS, my film 10 ATTITUDES, A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN , FAT ACTRESS and so many more. Its really helped me make my work come alive.

8. As of right now, what are you most proud of with your career?
That I am still here and able to make a living. Also that I got out of bed this morning and my face didn't drop

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