Friday, July 25, 2008

Swimming the Storm

Tonight, July 25th, 2008 at 8pm at O Bar in West Hollywood, CA I am celebrating the re-release of my first poetry book "Swimming the Storm." This book is very special to me. It's the first book I ever wrote since moving to LA 10 years ago.

The book, in itself, was a journey. I had joined a writing group. An all black spoken word group that met at the DWP building on the corner of Crenshaw Blvd and Kings. The lesson I learned in this group were most valuable to me as writer. Most of the people in the group were seasoned writers....and the people I met through them enhanced my ability as a writer. Up until this point I had dabbled in poetry slightly but was mostly writing fiction. (At that time, i was working on a novel) So, this was all new.

When I started performing, people started to know my work. And then people would ask if they could buy my work but I didn't have anything available. So, while in the writing group, I went through a terrible break up....and all of my poems were dealing with that issue....and that's where the motivation for Swimming the Storm came from. The first cover was designed by my close friend James and I printed 250 copies.

Five years later, I run into people who have visited my website or learn of my book from talking with me and want to purchase the book. I no longer have any copies I made the decision to reprint it. The cover was designed by Armin Torrentos, Jr for the second addition....and tonight, July 25th, is the celebration of that reprint.

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