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May '09: Daniel Frank

1) What is the biggest challenge facing writers/bloggers today?
I have talked to a few people regarding their blogs and how they got them started. I would say if you are just getting started writing/blogging the biggest challenge is finding your voice. Your voice is that one hook or angle that makes your writing different and unique.

2) What has been one of your biggest challenges?
My blog is about my experiences in the entertainment industry. Often I have found myself attending the same event every month. When I choose to cover an event multiple times, I find one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to make the repeated event interesting without repeating the same experiences each time. Another challenge is actually being able to go to those events; let's face it, blogging doesn't exactly pay well and living in Orange County instead of LA doesn't too much either.

3) Where do you find your inspiration to write?
This is a somewhat difficult question as my blog is about my experiences in the entertainment industry, usually the stories write themselves. For other things I have written or help create, I find inspiration in isolation or dreams; basically any activity which allows my mind to wander.

4) What current projects are you working on?
In addition to my blog, Hollywood Nobody, I am currently writing two screen plays. Both deal with the same concept or belief of soul mates, but each deals with this idea in different ways. Another project I am working on is tentatively called, "Elementals" which is about a group of genetically altered GAY superheroes; perhaps you know my partner on this project, his name is Michael Coulombe? Currently this project is still in development. In addition to writing, I am also passionate about acting. I can currently be seen in Nick Wauters short film, "Neurotica," which is not a porno. If you go to LOGO Online you can currently watch "Neurotica" as part of the CLICK LIST - BEST IN SHORT PROGRAM. Another project I worked on as an actor, which has recently been released is the Henri Charr feature, "The Border." Unfortunately my footage was cut from the film, but I had an amazing experience working on that film. The third project I can be seen in is the upcoming directorial debut of Chris Fishel, "Chronicles of a Lonely Mind." In addition to those three films, I will begin work on a fourth film, "The Purpose of Apples," shortly.

5) What is the best benefit of journaling in a blog?
I think the appropriate answer would be the ability to look back on an amazing journey and see how I have grown as an artist and individual, but that's kind of a bullshit answer. For me the best benefit is hearing from the readers that they enjoyed what I wrote. Nothing gives me a bigger high then to know that someone enjoys what I am doing. It nice to know that I am doing this for the amusement of other people and not just to fulfill some innate narcissism

6) Have your tried writing anything else?
Yes I have tried writing poems, and song lyrics, but found that I am not that great at writing those. Again that goes back to finding your voice. I also have been working on a few screen plays, but those take forever to write so it's hard for me to remain focused on it for too something shiny!!!

7) What is your ideal writing sanctuary?
Normally I do a lot of writing in my bedroom sitting in an uncomfortable office chair with an armrest that continuously pinches my arm because it is slowly falling apart. Other than that I like to go to The Library in Long Beach. It reminds me of the Gay and/or trendy coffee houses back home in Minneapolis; Vera's, Uncommon Grounds, and Café Weird (God rest her soul). By the way I fully expect free drinks from each of those places for the plug.

8)Do you think that being openly gay affects your writing?
Definitely, but not necessarily in a negative way. Being gay myself, I have found that those are the stories that I am interested in hearing, seeing, and writing. I have recently begun to create an idea for a screen play that features a heterosexual lead; however, it's a female with a gay best friend. Hey you know what they say, "write what you know."

9) What are your goals/aspirations?
My current passion is mostly in acting; however my biggest goal, regardless of the medium I use to accomplish it, is to be a positive role model for LGBT people across the nation. I know that's a tall order, but I believe it is an important goal to have. The more positive role models our community has the more we will ourselves accepted for who we truly are. I am tired of reading in the newspaper (or more appropriately on Facebook and The Smoking Cocktail) about 11 year old boys killing themselves because their classmates made them feel like they were worthless and had no other options; there are always other options.

10) How does being an actor affect your writing?
In terms of my blog, if I wasn't for my experience as an actor, the blog itself wouldn't exist. Or it would be about something else. Most likely me being bitchy about random meaningless things. Lets be honest, bitchy is my thing. In terms of writing or creating screen plays, If I am working on an incredibly difficult scene and am struggling with dialogue, I have found that the ability to imagine myself in that scene and/or act it out can help me create better dialogue or even take the scene in a completely different direction then I had previously imagined

Daniel Frank

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